Caught Spying On My StepSis! S5:E9

Publish Date:08.03.2019
Logan Long is eager to get his x-beam glasses via the post office. He gives them a shot on his stepsister Alexa Grace, and is stunned to find that they work: He can see directly through Alexa's garments to her exposed tits and undies. When he understands how cool the x-beam specs are, he continues crawling on Alexa so he can make the most of her provocative body and huge ass. He rapidly discovers that Alexa frequently doesn't wear a bra, and sporadically goes commando other than.

In the long run Alexa becomes ill of the unpleasant looks Logan is giving her and she takes the glasses from Logan. She puts them on and understands that Logan is really observing her stripped at whatever point he puts the glasses on. She gets an eyeful of his huge dick, however, and can't get it insane. Alexa consents to Logan's recommendation that they can simply fuck and nobody needs to tell either parent. Before long she's on her knees with Logan's enormous dick covered in her mouth.

Falling onto her back on the sofa, Alexa spreads her thighs so Logan can sink balls profound into her smooth exposed pussy. Coming to down to rub her clit, Alexa conveys herself to a major O as Logan pounds her screw gap. At that point she jumps staring her in the face and knees to do it once more in doggy style until the room is loaded up with the sound of her orgasmic moans. Minutes after the fact, Logan reacts to Alexa's requests to cum on her by hauling out and covering her butt in jizz.
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