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Michele James and Kara Lee in Breaking My Daughters

Publish Date:27.02.2019
Father strolls over the corridor in to his most youthful little girls room. Kara is as yet wearing her night robe in bed, as Dad approaches her and starts to get at her huge, regular tits. He snatches her hand and rubs it over his chicken that is beginning to get hard. She gradually opens her eyes... "Father, for what reason are you doing this?!" she inquires. "Since your sister wouldn't give me a chance to do it to her!" Luke clarifies. He sucks on her areolas before pushing his rooster within her. "Ouch!!" she shouts, as he puts his hand over her mouth. "I'm going to screw you until you like it!" he advises her. Kara recoils with each stroke of his cockerel. "Ow, daddy!" she keeps on groaning, as he flips her over and screws her from behind. "Don't you wake your mom up!" Luke advises her, as she is groaning in torment. Luke makes her state the words "cum in my tight pussy daddy" and she rehashes what he advises her... he cums somewhere inside his most youthful girl's pussy, and afterward advises her to hit the sack
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