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Sexy Slumber with Melissa Moore

Publish Date:27.03.2019
Melissa Moore was remaining at her companion, Kandace Kayne's home. Melissa was hot and went to the kitchen for some water. She kept running into Chris, Kandaces sibling. He returned from school and she like what she saw. She was looking hot in those minor shorts and she twisted around to get the water from inside the ice chest. She returned to room where Kandace was resting on the best bunk. She hit the sack in the base bunk and started playing with her pussy while fantasizing about Chris. Chris heard her groaning and went to perceive what was going on. He opened the entryway and watched her play with her pussy. He sneaked inside the room and secured her mouth. He advised her to be calm while they had a ton of fun. She was prepared and willing. He chomped on her sweet pussy and she sucked on his chicken. Kandace woke up and saw what was going on. She was stunned, yet she claimed to rest. Melissa got her pussy bored and got that man squeeze everywhere on her pretty face.
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